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We understand that the template has a lot of questions but this is a very important step in the process. It will not only help us know more about you and find a good fit but will force you to think to think about the project idea in great detail. By working on this proposal, you will already be taking your first steps towards a successful summer. We recommend that you start early and iterate on the application by getting feedback from the mentor. Please remember that you must submit your application to Google’s GSoC portal. It is not possible to accept you if you do not do this. Please make sure your application follows the template.

Addy GSoC Project Proposal

Contact Information




Contact Number:


College/ University:

Degree/ Area of Study:

Expected Graduation Date:


How many hours will you work per week on your GSoC project?

Other Commitments: (e.g. exams, projects, jobs, theses… How will you prevent them from affecting your GSoC performance?)

Project Summary

Chosen Project:

Chosen Idea:

Vision: (Explain in your own words why the chosen project and the chosen idea are important. Be concise.)

Motivation: (Explain why you are the best person to execute this proposal. Demonstrate that you satisfy the requirements for the chosen idea.)

Past Experience in Software Development (List here the projects to which you have contributed in the past. For each project: write a few sentences describing what the project does; mention the programming languages used; describe your contributions; include a link to the project’s code repository)


(If you have made pull requests to your chosen project, please list them here.)

Pull Request #<PR Number>: <PR Title>: <PR Link>: (describe this pull request briefly here)

Pull Request #<PR Number>: <PR Title>: <PR Link>: (describe this pull request briefly here)

Pull Request #<PR Number>: <PR Title>: <PR Link>: (describe this pull request briefly here)

Detailed Proposal Description

(This should be more detailed than the chosen idea’s description, to ensure that you have understood it. Describe, in detail and clearly, what you plan to implement. Mention how you are going to implement and which technologies, approaches and/or methods you are going to use.)

(If applicable, describe the use cases of every feature that you propose to implement, indicating why and how someone would interact with the feature.)

(If a proposed feature involves improvements in the graphical user interface, you may wish to include sketches showing what you have in mind.)


(Be concise and realistic.)

Community Bonding (04/05 - 30/05):

Week 1 (31/05 - 04/06):

Week 2 (05/06 - 11/06):

Week 3 (12/06 - 18/06):

Week 4 (19/06 - 25/06):

Phase 1 Evaluation

Week 5 (26/06 - 02/07):

Week 6 (03/07 - 09/07):

Week 7 (10/07 - 16/07):

Week 8 (17/07 - 23/07):

Phase 2 Evaluation

Week 9 (24/07 - 30/07):

Week 10 (31/07 - 06/08):

Week 11 (07/08 - 13/08):

Week 12 (14/08 - 20/08):

Week 13 (21/08 - 29/08):

Final Evaluation

Any Other Relevant Information

(Include here anything else you would like to tell us)

If there’s any question/ query feel free to ask it on it Gitter Channel